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    We’re imagining, inventing, producing and bringing fiberglass products to life every day...

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    Our goal is to turn our customer dreams into reality. We pride ourselves with great specialists in domain and strive every day to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

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We are the first company in Romania that has the capacity to help you produce GRP &FRP to an extra level of production. We have the technic innovation. Come along and we’ll build it together. Every extravagant dream you have, we are able to materialize it. Take your idea and we’ll design it. Dream it…we can mould it!

You will be surprised to know that the ancient practice of yoga can alleviate a multitude of your health woes!

If you thought yoga is just for those interested in slow and boring movements you are quite wrong.

Yoga gives you all that a gym can but in a peaceful, safe and more holistic way.

Yoga helps the body gently regain its flexibility by stretching out the muscles of various areas.

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