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Who we are


On these days, more and more companies are using fiberglass to increase product performance in corrosive environments, to reduce weight, add strength and lower cost. When it’s come to applications, they are limitless and benefits far-reaching. We are your first choice. We make the process faster and outcome more successful.

What we do

Our goal is to turn our customer dreams into reality. We pride ourselves with great specialists in domain and strive every day to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

We’re the Power in fiberglass moulds.

Specialist ingenuity: we are the first and only company which design on that scale. Our specialists in design provide valuable solutions from the early development phase to the validated upscale turn-key solution. We never fail when it’s comes to quality, solutions, longevity and innovation. We’ve stood the test of time by reacting faster, designing better and delivering more results. See our Benefits for more information.

Resources: Small to large, thick to thin wall,simple to complex, commodity or custom…we have the process expertise, equipment and profiles to design. See Our mission.

Our ‘Can Do’ Culture: our motto is “If you can dream it…we can mould it.” We’ll work with you to bring your fiberglass to life. We have the willingness to listen a little longer, work a little harder and respond a little faster. So why don’t you Contact Us today to see if we’re real.

Whom we serve

  • FRPManufacturers
  • End-users with very specific projects (decorative elements, totem, units for their our products and others till artists who needs moulds for their creations)
  • Industries: construction

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